MedCity Influencers

We welcome outside perspective and so invite your thoughts and stories on alongside our own reporters through the MedCity Influencers program. is the leading source for business coverage of innovation in healthcare and life sciences, and you can start speaking to our considerable audience today.

We are looking for strong, original content that does not appear on any external blog. If they do, they need to be heavily revised and re-worded. We can help in finalizing ideas for posts as well.


Please contact Arundhati Parmar, editor-in-chief at with topics you would like to address.

Please download and follow very closely these editorial guidelines that explain what we are looking for and the process of submitting bylines.

MedCity News and its parent Breaking Media will retain exclusive rights to all MedCity Influencer content and all authors will need to sign a document.

Please download that MedCity Influencers Contract (updated August 2023) and fill in the appropriate areas. We will not accept requests for changes to the contract. We do not accept typed signatures but we do accept e-signatures. We also prefer that the author sign the contract.

Again, please follow the method outlined in the MedCity Influencers Guidelines to submit bylines. If you have any questions, please contact Arundhati. Our intention is to publish these bylines in a timely manner.

Want to publish promotional content? Please contact our sales team for options.